Earthquakes in London…..Britain!!!!! Coincidence or Not???? Print
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Wednesday, 27 February 2008 11:23
Now we at WebCanvas are not ones to gloat about the demise of anyone. Even when no lives were lost the mere fact that individuals have gone through any indiscretion is not to be laughed at nor frowned upon……

With that being said we invite the uninformed few of us to browse through the following content :

There were places in West London  where persons felt the tremors quite a bit, but our lair seemed impervious to them. I guess our neighbours were awoken from their slumber…..we did hear them moving around a bit ;) .  Coincidently though, around the time the shaking was in full force (some sources account for a Richter Scale reading of 5.3), we had just begun a brainstorming period that will go down in the annals of history…..I Kid You Not!!!!!

Now, onto the crux of this editorial:

As I read this morning’s Metro, I couldn’t help but think that this event may be, in a ever soo slight way, considered as a coincindence. It may be a case of blowing our own trumpet but we did allude to the possibility of  the “ground over here in London shaking“ . Perhaps  our users had just about everything to do with it? Possibly! We can safely say that with minimal advertising and due mostly to the power of  word-of-mouth, we’ve garnered over 50 registered users during our first full day of operation. Now considering that the office closes for less than 4 hours a day, it’s a good look for us and it’s more than what we could have hoped for. Moreover, unique visits to the site are growing at a full replacement rate of 100% per day! I think that equates to  an exponential factor of 2 for you math whiz kids out there….but I stand corrected :)

Ok, so I think we all know who’s to blame here: YOU, Our Esteemed Users……The Canvamaniacs. You have done such a good job with exceeding our bandwith expectations that you’ve literally SHOCKED us……to the point we are sure that the “gospel” of will continue to spread like WAVES……


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