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Countdown to Webageddon!!!! :) PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 25 February 2008 19:58

Hey there Blogosphere,

Allow me to welcome you to the precursor of the new web. A web where collaboration is indeed done in real time. A web that allows one “INFINITE” possibilities. A web that the more creative of us can enjoy among themselves, and by the more pleasurable of extensions, a web that YOU will use to CANVAS all of those ideas. Readily Made!!!! I say no more……….The ground seems to be shaking over here in London….and here I was thinking that would be impossible but alas Webageddon is here!!! Stay tuned, ELE is about to begin!!!!!!A bit dramatic don’t you think? )

But I assure all of the creative among us…..You will have a voice……..GET READY TO SING!!!!!

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