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A short introduction to WebCanvas!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:44 pm
by gicacoca
WebCanvas is an on-line collaborative art initiative to create the World’s largest collaborative painting. Uniting the participation of a world-wide community of artists, this project endeavours to create an infinite and eternal painting that is continuously evolving.

On WebCanvas it is possible to paint using a number of different basic tools, upload and post professionally drawn images, or simply watch others paint live!

This initiative is also completely open and free to anyone that wishes to participate, and the only requirement is to have an up-to-date web-browser capable of the latest web-technologies.

WebCanvas is different from other on-line painting initiatives mainly due to the introduction of the WebCanvas concept, where by a painting is no longer limited by a specific frame size. This innovative concept, that introduces a Web-based continuous and ‘virtuallyInfinite Canvas, is patent pending and was developed and conceptualized by Antonio Roldao Lopes.