A new WCS palette

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A new WCS palette

Postby Smotfog on Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:39 pm

After an idea in another thread I started to work on a new palette-toolbox for webcanvas.
I would like to discuss the whole thing step by step, maybe some functions are missing or not possible/not wished.
Please don't take my first scrabble too serious, it surly must become more beautiful and especially much more compact.
wcs_palette_v0.2.jpg (154.14 KiB) Viewed 10348 times

I would prefer a more futuristic design, something technical like WCS itself is.
But I also like the thinking of "canvas, brushes and paint" as it is implied by the logo, and also used by most known software.
I think, if we choose this palette-way of look it would be nice if we paint the mainpiece inside WCS,
and I do not photoshop it...

..but, what do you think?
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Re: A new WCS palette

Postby admin on Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:33 pm

Smotfog, your palette is like a fusion between a real world palette and a digital one!

It's very funky and it's doable, but at first sight there are a couple of challenges:

- in html the containers are rectangular, and for this reason I’m afraid that if one "clicks" on the edge of this palette, they will actually be clicking on this container and not on the canvas underneath. This is why the previous and current palettes are rectangular. You can see what i mean by clicking and dragging on the top rounded right/left edge of the current pallet; it will drag the palette even though you should be clicking on the webcanvas.

- the location space may be limiting the range... but then again theoretically no space can represent infinity!

On the previous pallets I've tried to squeeze and hide/show functionalities only when needed. This was to allow a wider viewing/drawing space.
This was the second pallete and a menu was introduced.
pallete_2.png (22.96 KiB) Viewed 10300 times
This was the first pallete and it had tabs to allow for login and extras.
pallete_1.png (16.04 KiB) Viewed 10288 times
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Re: A new WCS palette

Postby Smotfog on Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:33 pm

Thanks for inspiration, A.!!!
Now it's becoming fun... maybe a little too much of it, but still not undoable
But it's surly a little bit too freaked out... I don't want to end up like winamp with it's skins ;0)

It's now more rectangular, but I think, there is a possibility for click-through-areas in a picture... anyway...

The Locationthing is to discuss... There a at last 2 popular types of WCS Locations.
1. "http://webcanvas.com/?x=51658&y=-64753" - which I get from "this location" button
2. 111N111W
Linking is good for showing newbies/outstanders, but coordinates are "nicer" (imo)
The Button for 1 is good in the menue for me.
Sometimes, the coordinates bothering me, for example, because I can't copy them... my idea was a copyable field with actual location (type 2.) in it, but also inputable like "specify location"

wcs_palette_v0.3.jpg (141.85 KiB) Viewed 10263 times

My ZOOM System would have 4 states, one new zoomstate between 2 and 3 (1=paint,3=all)
that hasn't to be another imagesizes of whole WCS, I'll try to discribe...
When I do screenshots for printing at work, but also when I surf the canvas state 2 isn't big enough to show me all the new megapaintings, which came after the new mega-outzoom, but also the state 3 from war away makes everything too tiny for good viewing and/or printing.
Maybe there is a possibility for an downscale zoommode 2 od generaly a printmode of whole areas?!

Uh, I think that was offtopic... sorry *hihi*

I throw away the rubbertool, because untill yet it only painting white over...

It's still unclean ideawork... I left more space than I planed, maybe space for further compression.
I hope for much input, for a v0.4 ;0)
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Re: A new WCS palette

Postby admin on Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:04 am

Hey S, when I saw this new design Winamp immediately came to mind, seriously!! :D
Personally, I like it very much, especially since I’m a daytime electronics engineer.

I’ve spent a significant time trying to understand the difference between plainness, simplicity, sophistication, and elegance – and have found that something can be simple and dumb or simple and extremely sophisticated, in which case it’s called elegant. Some times this sophisticated simplicity becomes so trivially obvious that people neglect how much refinement, desCreativity (the removal of unnecessary parts) and effort had to be put into reaching that design; it’s hard to find such examples for the reason just stated. But one “classic” example may be the ipod… they’ve removed most of the buttons and invented a new and elegant interface. (Google’s search box is perhaps another great example)
The challenge would be to do the same with webcanvas.

I think that eventually things will have to become skinnable, and allow users to personalize the interface to how they see fit.

The first designs were no doubt simple and dumb, although I tried to make them sophisticated. The current design, is playful and a bit childish, but relatively simple.

The one you just posted, is an artistic hybrid which overwhelms the senses, and by it self can steal all the focus from the underlying webcanvas. (You have no idea how long I’ve spent looking at the colours in the resistors, and trying to figure out what that board was used for.)

About the location; we'll have to add a quick copy/past box to get and set the location.
The scheme 1 allows users to specify the exact pixel location, while 2, sets a general region.

About the zooming, I’ve got an experimental implementation that allows you to zoom in and out continuously. This will solve your printing issue.

About the rubber tool, I’d probably suggest having a complementary colour that can be set and activated at a push of a button, or something like the previous 2~5 colours used?
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Re: A new WCS palette

Postby Smotfog on Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:26 pm

It's so difficult to invent the "Ibrush" ...
I tried to express a few Ideas since last posting, but nothing works for me ;0)
My problems are going away from design and to establish a border between WCS and any "onlinephotoshop".
Or maybe exact THIS is the matter.

I really like to have a layer with all tools, any kind of palette... not so often used tools could still stay on one side of the screen.
Maybe all tools should wander there, except a few really often used.
I thought about the essential tools (like the colorpicker) on a fixed position on one side of the screen, it could automaticly clap out, wenn I hit the right side. So it could be really big for better colourchoosing and maybe other options can stand in the same layer.

To change the transparency, brush size (these actuator could be larger for easier adjustment),
and also some of the tools, I would prefer as a menue, which is always beside my cursor.
Hideable by rightclick.

Sure is for me only that it must go away from the coloured design without becoming an applestore
whether not an adobe clone... I would like to keep it childish, like
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Re: A new WCS palette

Postby admin on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:12 pm

You're quite right, the intention here is not to become a "photoshop", but it is true that to paint on this digital webcanvas we need the tools + interface, to manipulate it efficiently.

so this is interface you've proposing :
1. Have a permanent colour selector on the side, and when the cursor hits that area have it expand in order to get more fine colour choice.
2. Have a hideable menu that is accessible with a right click. This menu includes brush sizes, transparency, tools (or should the tools still be on the top menu)?

Cheers, A.
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